About me

Hello and thank you for visiting my shop and showing interest in my art!

I started to draw at a very young age and for as long as I can remember, I have always drawn. My mother painted for a hobby and I was always surrounded by art, an interest which I also shared with my brother, who’s a very talented artist in his own right and a great source of inspiration. I followed art classes in high school and college, and I graduated college in architecture. In high school I was introduced and encouraged by my late art teacher to try many different types of media. He gave me lots of liberty to explore and he had a profound influence on me. I also took interest and followed courses in sculpture, stop-motion animation and comic book illustration.

My preferred tools of the trade are currently an 0.5 graphite mechanical pencil, acrylic paints and colored crayons (Prismacolor).

I have a very wide range of interest and eclectic tastes and influences. I find inspiration in other artists and their craft, in music and in my travels, in pop culture as well as classical academic art. Light and shadows, traditional figurative art and portraits, renaissance and romanticism movement, sculpture, architecture, photography, powerful movie actors and actress’, great music icons, comic book super-heroes and villains, science-fiction and fantasy, intriguing faces and beautiful people, the weird and the bizarre, shapely curves and sexy bodies, tattoos, industrialism and industrial music, Dracula, Frankenstein and classic horror monsters, vampires and anything gothic, skulls and skeletons, cyber punk, steam punk, BDSM and erotica, burlesque and freak shows, Art Nouveau/Jugenstil, la Belle Époque, Opera and classical music, stage theater, puppets and stop-motion animation, street art, murals, and everything else that ignites my curiosity!

Please feel free to leave your comments or contact me via this website or other social media links below, should you wish to inquire about commissions or custom hand-drawn portraits.